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Meetings 2nd Tuesday of Each Month
Fayetteville Courtyard Marriott ~ 5:30 Networking ~ 6:00 Program

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Networking is Magic! Sponsorship is Productive!

  • May 08, 2016 8:21 PM
    Message # 4009078
    Kathleen Everitt (Administrator)

    Here's a story told at the last Rookie Nook program that vividly demonstrates why Networking and Sponsorship are such great investments!  David and Leah Howard, a Rookie couple, had found their first house to Flip.  

    Step One:  Find a lender.  Because they had met Sonny Delgado of Integrity First Bank at several meetings, they were comfortable with him and knew the bank was investor-friendly.  Result:  Loan Approved!   

    Step Two:  Insure the property.  They had heard Brant Barnes discuss insurance and spoke to him about getting a quote.  After comparing rates, they selected Shelter Insurance - Brant's agency.  Result:  House Insured! 

    Step Three:  Renovate the House.  This they did on their own, selecting contractors when needed.  Result:  Beautiful New Property for Sale! 

    Step Four:  Sell the House.  Here's the magic of Networking:  So proud and excited to be doing the first Deal, they talked about it to everyone - including their new friends at Integrity First Bank.  Tom Kirkwood, another officer at the bank, happened to know of a couple looking for a house and made the introductions to our Rookie couple.  Result:  House Sold - Before renovations were even completed!  

    Moral of the Story?  Networking Works!  It's All About Building Relationships! 

    If your're an investor, come to the meetings and Talk to People!  

    If you're a business owner, come to the meetings and Talk to People ~ Then Support REI NWA and Our Programs! 

    See if our Sponsorship Program is right for you!

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